We build and protect great brands by providing
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business legal counsel.


Complete Counsel means
complete commitment.

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Brand Selection

As you seek to build your vision, you'll need to choose how the world sees you. We pair with marketing agencies to help create your brand, while providing the legal tools and experience necessary to avoid complications down the road. With trademark clearance and corporate name searches, we anticipate obstacles and design around them so you don't have to.

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Brand Protection

You've chosen the brand, and poured countless hours into logo design, investor pitches, and marketing efforts. Let us provide the services necessary to secure legal protection for your creation. Trademark filings, copyright registration, trade secret practices, patent applications, domain name acquisition — we will walk you through the process and let you focus on your creativity.

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Brand Enforcement

Although “imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” it is also a risk to your success. From knockoffs to cybersquatters, from rogue employees to industrial espionage, growing brands face growing concerns. Our approach to intellectual property and business disputes focuses on resolving the issues before they get out of hand, limiting wasted time and lost opportunities.

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Business Formation

Every brand relies on a solid foundation of business structures. Well-formed entities require clear and concise contracts, developed employment policies, and full compliance with both state and federal law. As the brand grows, so does your need for these structures, and we're here to make certain your brand is not limited by outdated or unintelligible documents and practices.

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Business Litigation

Successful brands face occasional conflicts, and some issues cannot be resolved by good-faith conversation. When litigation arises, we bring our experience in state and federal court to the table, protecting your interests while always seeking amicable and productive resolutions. With our trial and appellate skills, we're prepared to successfully and skillfully handle all phases of a case.

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Complete Counsel

With our network of experienced attorneys, we are prepared to provide Complete Counsel™ to our clients. We will coordinate your legal relationships so you have a single point of contact for all of your needs, ensuring integration of services without additional expense. We also offer outside general counsel services at a flat monthly rate, serving as a member of your executive team as necessary.

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Our clients dominate their markets.

Growing brands have growing needs, and we are thrilled to work with companies of all sizes as they demonstrate excellence.