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Tackling Legal Issues Early

Early planning can contribute to long-term success in your case. We work with clients and with current trial counsel to identify and confront legal issues early, address them proactively, and take steps to minimize problems which may arise as the case develops.

Bolstering Trial Attorney Motion and Brief Practice

Trial attorneys excel at telling their clients' stories, but often benefit from experienced assistance in motion and brief practice. These filings play a large role in the long-term status of the case, as the written record is critical to preserve issues for appeal. Well-researched and drafted motions and briefs stand out for being current on the law, directed to the facts at hand, and focused on the critical issues for a particular matter. Our appellate team is skilled at legal research, writing, and developing legal theories tailored to your specific case.

    Mid-Trial Preparation

    In addition to motion practice, we prepare your jury charge, participate in the charge conference, and make
    appropriate objections to the charge. We also prepare trial briefs, as well as advise on important trial objections critical to positioning a case for success.

    Appellate Briefs and Oral Advocacy

    Our appellate group has extensive
    experience in appellate brief writing
    and oral advocacy, having worked on and handled appeals and original proceedings throughout the  14 intermediate appellate courts of Texas, the Texas Supreme Court, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and up to the Supreme Court of the United States. 

    Whether you are a client facing the need to appeal a decision, or a trial attorney currently deep in the weeds of a high-stakes case, we will work with you to tailor a plan that makes financial and pragmatic sense. 

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