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Our clients count on us to build and protect their brands, and we are dedicated to doing our very best to support you as you grow your project. Reach out and see what we can do for you.


Our cosmetics client had a problem — the client had already developed an interesting and growing brand, but quickly found out an international company with over $9 billion in annual revenue already held the federal trademark registration for the name. Rather than a forced rebrand, the client wanted options. We went to work identifying issues with the company holding the mark, including underlying problems with the international registration and a proven failure to use the mark in commerce in the United States. Utilizing the cancellation procedures of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, we successfully cancelled the federal trademark registration and paved the way for our client to continue its own international growth. At Creedon PLLC, we're not afraid of the "big dogs" — see what we can do for your business.


New performing artists work collectively to develop their craft and reputation, and often times don't worry about ownership. After all, everyone is just getting started, and talking about copyright can be both awkward and confusing. Our client had made an early contribution to an improv comedy troupe, but set off on his own a few years later to follow his own path. Flash-forward two decades, and that now-famous improv group was using his iconic image as its primary logo, placing it on posters, theater signage, and promotional items for sale at performances and online. Through a combined effort of good-faith negotiation and identification of potential litigation issues, we secured compensation for our client without poisoning the relationship. We believe many conflicts can be worked out amicably, and we pride ourselves on professionalism.


The mobile video space is growing by leaps and bounds, with innovators seeking to make the next big step and protect their inventions as they bring them to market. Our client looked to us for guidance on how to best establish priority for its development while building out licensing agreements to profit from its ingenuity. With our Complete Counsel approach, we provided a single point-of-contact for preparing and filing a provisional patent application to be first in line at the patent office, converting to a full application, drafting nondisclosure agreements and intellectual property assignments for contributors, and guiding approaches to licensing and product development. No need to coordinate multiple attorneys at different firms — let Creedon PLLC provide you with Complete Counsel.


Our client had decades of experience fulfilling both goverment and private contracts, and the business prided itself on its integrity and its commitment to serving the end customer. Unfortunately, a decision to pair with a junior entrepreneur and provide mentorship backfired, leading to the illegal retention of our client's earnings and a refusal to pay back loans for start-up expenses. We explained the range of options available, and developed a case approach which matched both our client's goals and its business culture. We worked for and obtained a judgment for our client which included all monies owed, pre- and post-judgment interest, and all attorney fees. When faced with a challenging case, we'll push towards the finish line and seek the results your business deserves.