Your work is
our Work

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Your creation is your idea brought to life – you should decide when and how it is used.


An original idea, brought into reality, is a contribution to humanity's collective spirit. Whether it is software code or a new novel, it is the product of a creative spark. For some, the goal is simply to be acknowledged for their energies and drive. For others, this new idea is the cornerstone of an entirely new industry.

We work with inspired creators and unique businesses to protect the results of their labors, and we recognize that different works require different protections.

Copyright protections are simple on their face, but real-world issues can quickly cause uncertainty without experienced legal counsel.

At Creedon PLLC, we'll walk you through the complexities of copyright, including identifying creators, recognizing ownership, properly recording licenses or assignments, and structuring agreements for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. 

If copyright disputes arise, we'll identify your larger goals and then craft strategies to get there. From negotiation to litigation, we can handle each phase of a copyright dispute while staying focused on your intent. 

Reach out, and let us know your goals for your work. We'll provide you with a personalized plan to help you achieve them.