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Use the form below to provide us with the information we require to complete your registration in the U.S. Copyright Office's DMCA Designated Agent Directory. 

Once you submit the form below, you will receive a link to provide payment of the $200 flat rate. We will contact you with any follow-up questions, and will notify you once registration is complete.

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Enter terms a user may enter to search on the Copyright Office site to find your Designated Agent. For example, Creedon PLLC may use "Creedon," "Creedon PLLC," "," etc.

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If your business has a website which hosts content from others, allows others to post words or images as content, or otherwise permits non-employees to place publicly-viewable items on your site, please continue reading.

Businesses can be held legally liable for copyright infringement posted on their websites, even if the business did not post the content itself. There is a mechanism, however, to increase your protection from such allegations — DMCA Designated Agent Registration.

The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, allows you to designate an agent to receive complaints of copyright infringement. Registering this individual or office in the federal database provides “safe harbor” for inadvertent infringements, so long as your agent responds in a timely and proper way to any allegations. Importantly, all previous paper registrations with the Copyright Office will expire on December 31, 2017, and must now be re-registered digitally.

Our flat rate service through December 31, 2017, includes any attorney time required and the government filing fee to complete this registration. We will also take this opportunity to review your website and provide guidance on any outstanding issues we observe, such was insufficient trademark or copyright markings, deficient terms of service or privacy policies, or inconsistent domain administrator designations.


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