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➤ Why Join Creedon PLLC?

“Be a Doer — Not a Sayer.” We like to get things done, and the best thing we do is bring dreams to life. Every client has a vision of the world they want to build, and we use our energy and enthusiasm to make it a reality. We love the work — and we know how lucky we are to spend our days with the folks building the future.

Are you a good fit for us? We look for creative minds who can balance their solid legal skills with a healthy dose of irreverence. Motivated? Check. Personable? Yes. Tech-savvy? Please. We’re building a firm for lawyers who want to plug in to something larger, do great legal work for fun clients, and still have the time and passion to follow their own dreams.

The Nuts and Bolts

Our growth comes from two places: senior associates (around 6-8 years of practice) looking to make a move, and experienced attorneys hoping to get more freedom and value from their practice.

Where We Work

Our Doers aren’t required to be in a physical office — we’re all about using technology to improve our collaboration and quality of life. That said, we will provide workspace where three or more attorneys are close enough for it to make sense.

How We Work

Our legal work focuses on using our particular knowledge while pairing with other attorneys who can develop us further. Whenever possible, we will offer a connection to a mentor who can provide additional insight and experience. Perhaps you are looking to be a mentor with us? Reach out!

How You Succeed

Working on a formula, each attorney has the ability to scale their practice as their lives require. Planning to travel, or hoping to work part-time? We’re in. While more work done directly equals more money for you, that isn’t the only way. Every attorney benefits from our 20% origination policy starting day one, so you have the ability to build the firm, help other Doers build their practice, and develop a base of income which lets you have the life you want.

Are We for You?

When in doubt, drop us a line and let’s talk!

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