Creedon PLLC Associate Charles Wallace Secures Criminal Sentence 20% Below Guidelines Range

Creedon PLLC associate Charles Wallace marked his first appearance in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas by securing a sentence 20% below the lowest federal guidelines range for his client. The defendant, a Houston man facing up to 40 years for his role in a robbery conspiracy, had a number of significant factors in his case which weighed in favor of a lesser sentence. Focusing in on key moments in our client’s life, and clearly explaining how such influences explain the defendant’s role in the conspiracy, Charles successfully argued that a lower sentence would provide greater opportunities for long-term benefit both to our client and his community.

James Creedon, managing attorney for Creedon PLLC, was particularly impressed by how Charles used his extensive background in theater in his presentation of the sentencing argument. “Charles has performed before thousands of people, but a hearing in federal court can be stressful regardless of your background. His articulate and emotional plea for our client made all the difference, and I was proud to hear District Judge Ed Kinkeade commend him for his efforts.”

Creedon PLLC focuses on representing our business clients in intellectual property matters, transactional work, and litigation, but we believe strongly in providing assistance to those in our community most in need. With multiple attorneys on the Northern District of Texas Criminal Justice Act Panel, our firm represents indigent defendants in seeking fair sentences and long-term opportunities to make the most of their lives.

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