trade secrets

Secret because they are valuable — valuable because they are secret


Your business is developing new intellectual property all the time, and you likely have a sense that your logo, your designs, or your software code are protectable.

What you may overlook, however, is the value of the trade secrets you have created as the natural product of your labors. These are often at the  core of your business — knowledge you keep to the inner circle because it gives you an edge over your competitors.

You protect this knowledge because it is valuable: a detailed customer database which gives you insight into the community; a manufacturing technique which makes your product stronger and less expensive; or even a mythical "secret sauce" that keeps people coming back to their favorite lunch spot.

At Creedon PLLC, we work with your business to identify valuable trade secrets you already possess, and create mechanisms to protect them as you grow.

We will review, or create, your employee agreements and contracts to maximize your protection. Nondisclosures, noncompete provisions, policy and procedure reviews — we're on it. We'll even come to your business and meet with your employees to introduce and implement new changes to your practices.

As the law changes, we'll keep you updated, and allow you to focus on what you do best: building a successful and growing brand.

If complications arise, our litigation experience will be there to resolve matters as early and as efficiently as possible. From a simple phone call through federal trial and appellate work, we will work with you to develop a resolution strategy matching your values and your business goals.

Reach out, and see what we can do for you.