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Your business lives online, and every stage of your growth requires a comprehensive approach to your internet presence, regulatory compliance, and data policies. At Creedon PLLC, we understand the range of issues you face and can work with you to address them from every angle.

Domain Names

Domain name selection and registration is a critical early step for business formation. We work with you to determine appropriate domain names for registration, and provide clearance services to avoid potential litigation down the road. We will assist your business in implementing efficient domain tracking and management so you can focus on growth.

Data Breaches

Loss or misuse of data can be incredibly disruptive to a business. These issues can arise from outside hacking, improper contractor behavior, or even disgruntled employees. Regardless of the source, your business has a range of obligations and responsibilities to consider: insurance reporting, customer protection, potential trade secret loss, mitigation steps, and even potential civil or criminal proceedings. Early involvement by legal counsel could limit damage, address your immediate concerns, and establish a clear path to get your business back on track. We don't wait, however, for data security issues to become a problem. We will work with you to establish effective internal policies and procedures to decrease risk and will train your employees on best practices.

Website Terms of Service
& Privacy Policies

Many web designers will apply a "standard" template for your website's terms of use and privacy policies. We know that one size does not fit all, and that the nature of your business may alter these critical documents. We will ask the question that matter: What is the age range of your website users? Where are they generally located? Do you allow for user registration or user interaction on the site? How do you accept online payments? Do you sell goods, services or both, and are you the source or a reseller? Do you offer gift cards or prepaid packages? All of these things, and much more, are critical to creating a package which will serve to protect your business and comply with each level of regulation.

Reputation Management

Many businesses believe they are simply stuck with one-off negative reviews, or with vindictive comments from former employees. While each situation requires its own unique approach, we will work with your business to ethically and properly build your brand reputation online and limit improper or unfounded reviews. 

At Creedon PLLC, we are like you — our business lives on the internet and is dependent on our data. We take these matters seriously, and we pride ourselves on our ability to discuss these matters at the executive level, with your IT department heads, and with your employees. Let us show you what we can do for your business. 

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At Creedon PLLC, we love the internet and pride ourselves on our technological know-how.